City Marina at North Roosevelt

City Marina at North Roosevelt

Easy to find, small boats coming from the Gulf can enter Key West waters at Buoy Number-1 Northwest Passage. At Buoy Number-19 Northwest Passage, turn to the east to the Key West Main Ship Channel, then proceeding north to the Main Ship Channel Number-31. You will now enter into the waters of Fleming Key Cut eastward to Garrison Bight Channel Number-21. Next, go southward to and you will now be entering fabulous Garrison Bight.
Marvin M.

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Florida Keys Boat Touring

Not sure you will find a nicer place to start a Florida Keys Boating Tour! Wow, just stunning and it never lacks the fish.

Austin U.

Go for what is hot and biting

Good fishing is year around, however it does change and you have to know what is the fish target of the month. They will tell you that inside of the dock masters office. People are so helpful to visitors in the city, as we all know that we want the dollars to keep rolling in!

Graham E.

Downtown Boat Ramp and Dock Area

It is easy to navigate from to the fuel docks and you can get live fishing bait. This is your main public Boating Marina for the Key West Residents and Tourists alike. More than a hand full of hotels are walking distance to the marina docks, where you can rent boat dock space.

Donnie G.

City Marina

1801 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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