Boating Safety in the Florida Keys

Boating Safety in the Florida Keys

The call this sector Key West, that is coast guard speak. Way back when, 1824, the first permanent station in Key West was formed. As then, it does similar tasks today: maritime rescue, chasing pirates, preventing smuggling operations, and helping with any other type of distress at sea.

No matter how many weekends we have, everyone means big problems for some folks here in the Florida Keys. Please take just five minutes and play for your safety. It just makes sense to do so. Ask the sheriff of the ocean for any information about boating safety.

I had no idea that the coast guard was putting so much of their operations on video and distributing them. That must be a great recruiting tool. Some of the videos show air lifting sick people off of the huge cruise ships that dock off the Port of Key West. We see them out in the ocean all of the time. The boats are huge and stick out on the horizon.
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Tried and tested over centuries, the bowline knot is what I learned the most from being in the coast guard. This knot is reliable, strong and stable. The bowline is most commonly used for forming a fixed loop, large or small at the end of a line. The bowline forms a secure loop that will not jam even with Hammerhead Sharks and is easy to tie and untie. One of the most useful boater knots you can know. Because it does untie so easily it should not be trusted in a life or death situation such as mountain climbing. It is said to retain sixty percent of the strength of the line in which it is tied. Even after severe tension is applied it is easy to untie.

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The Coast Guard watches the Waterways

There are rules that the boat rental shops have to follow. Here are the ones that are most important to the typical visitor that is going to rent a watercraft for the very first time. The rental agency has to do pre-ride instruction on how to safely operate the watercraft. The pre-ride overview must cover the safe boating operation, rules of the waterways, and driver responsibilities. Boater education ID cards must be presented when required. The boat rental facility cannot rent boat vessel that does not have proper safety equipment, horsepower or load capacity.

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