Coco Plum Beach at Marathon Florida Keys

Coco Plum Beach at Marathon Florida Keys

What a really nature focused beach park! You would think public beach zones were to be had by the thousands in the Florida Keys, but that is not true. They are here, but at much less than one hundred and many are the secret kind, just like Coco Plum Beach.

We stayed at the Coco Plum Beach Cottages and just loved the whole area. It is quiet and peaceful here, but you can just jump on the bicycles and be at the Vaca Cut bars and restaurants in three or four minutes. It was a very successful vacation stay at Coco Plum. Do not miss Fat Deer Key Beach Park!

everyone should pop over to checkout this little secret Florida Keys beach zone, as we had heard how relaxing and quiet it typically is. Oh yes, it was a Tuesday and we nearly had it all to ourselves. There were fish everywhere, easy to spot in the clear water. Coco Plum Beach at Marathon Florida Keys is a winner.
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Florida Keys Topless Beaches

Our first priority is seclusion, and that is what a girl needs to go topless. Yes, ladies this is the beach in the Florida Keys for a topless sunbathing day. Heck, they go topless on Duval! Seclusion also means this could be Lovers Lane! We love the natural soothing sounds of the waves softly hitting the shore.

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Beach Secrets in the Florida Keys

There are few spots that are both off the grid around different parts of the Florida Keys and out of this world. This Beach Park can be very romantic for the right couple enjoying the scene. It is one of our favorite secret hideaways. We found it during our sweet trip to the Ocean Club (, a mile away in Key Colony Beach.

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Coco Plum Beach

Coco Plum Drive
Marathon FL 33050
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