Just perfect for Red Beans and Shrimp

This is one neat place for stepping out for some tropical delights prepared specifically for Florida Keys guests. You will see plenty of people and locals chowing down at the optional indoor or outdoor seating. Enjoy some terrific dishes on the patio to fully appreciate the atmosphere of Key West.

The location is in historic Bahama Village, not far from the Truman Annex and Taylor Beach Park. I like trying different kinds of places. You don't want to eat just at Sloppy Joe's all of the time or it's too touristy. I would try some of the Cuban restaurants, since it's only Ninety Miles to Cuba. Tropical dining is about being creative.

The salads are really good when they have tropical fruit mixed in with nuts. Get inspired and it will have you searching for Florida Keys Recipes when you get back home.
Socorro Y.

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Dish of the day is the Aguacate Primavera

Have to say that the Aguacate Primavera is just the best mix of flavors. They really know how to mix a bunch of different ingredients. So good. Yes, fresh all the way down to the coffee. Walking distance from The Port of Key West.

Alisha Y.

Stir Fried on Petronia Cafe

Try one of their desserts with coffee, as they make the best tasty treats. The chocolate caramel brownie is very good. Actually the whole island is big into pies, cookies, cakes and the rest. It is hard to pass up.

My favorites have to be a Chocolate Lava Dessert, the brownie with ice cream, chocolate sauce, almonds, whipped cream and a cherry.

Letitia O.

Island Food is so Healthy

The brown rice dishes are so healthy and fills one up for a day of watersports pleasures. Eating all the good things can make a big difference when you visit the doctor. I now always pick the brown rice meals with shrimp, and that means no salt and nearly no cholesterol. Getting all the veggies and brown rice means lots of vitamins and dietary fiber.

Toni M.

Bliss Restaurant

411 Petronia Street
Key West FL 33040

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