Corner Grocery Store

Corner Grocery Store

On the Island of Key West, one does not necessarily go to a big fancy supermarket. Whatever is close by and satisfies your need is the target for orange juice, milk, eggs, sandwiches, and beer. The Corner Grocery Store is a classic tradition here, so do stop in. You will see it as you cross the island on your bike or scooter.
Alexandria G.

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1514 Bertha Street Grocery Store

I love this store and stop here on my bike. It is small, but has all the things you need and no waiting. In and out, that is the way to go. You pass it when bike riding from Smathers Beach back to Old Town.

Asa N.

Middle Island Grocery Store

Do not laugh but little spots like this are one of the better places to pick up a twelve pack of beer. CVS has great prices, just stay away from Duval where you cannot buy even a six pack of beer. There you can just buy single beers, however we do like the fact that you can drink on the street.

Sheena W.

Corner Grocery Store

1514 Bertha Street
Key West FL 33040-5373

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