Paddling your way in the Florida Keys

Paddling your way in the Florida Keys

Our family loves this beach park for snorkeling or swimming (this is what we live and visit here for!). Our family loves this Beach Park for Snorkeling or swimming (this is what we live and visit here for!). Take advantage of the kayak rentals, scenic nature walks, and oceanfront camping here in the Middle Florida Keys! Or, just use this as a rest stop at mile marker 56.2, with a place to relax on the way down US1. All in your car gets a picnic area, Playground, and beachcombing. Certainly, this is ideal for those heading down to Key West. Curry Hammock has a waterfront campground too, for a pure nature place to stay.
Morton U.

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What a Waterfront Treat for Children

It certainly is a very unique and special place to take your kayaks or Canoes. We took advantage of the park's easy and cheap rental program. When you pull up to pay for parking the car, just add on the Kayak Rental and they explain it all right there. It is so easy and adventuresome.

Lakisha A.

Kayaking Spots in Marathon Florida Keys

Thanks for the memories. Nice video. I've stayed many times at Valhalla POINT Resort where they kayaked past in the beginning. Nancy lets you use her kayaks while you are staying there. Every time I have done the loop around Curry Hammock by kayak-I've seen something different. Leopard rays, hammerhead shark, iguana, pelicans, hawks, and Bonefish.

Ethel I.

Florida Keys Locations to Launch the Kayak

Hi...This trip I want us to swim and float out of the kayak. I will show you, very fun and the kayak rope is attached to my wrist when we float. A different twist on the floating videos we are shooting. I have a series of on location setups ready to go. Please bring all your good hats, to keep the spicy clothing changes.

Steve Z.

Curry Hammock Kayak

56200 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33050

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