Art and History in the Custom House

Art and History in the Custom House

This is the spot at 281 Front Street, as this building has all series of interesting things going on during its history. The photography is just amazing and it really brings back the way Key West was in its early days. Once you see and learn about this kind of information, your Key West experience will become that much better. Try to do that learning and historic stuff during the first few days of your vacation, the early knowledge helps you out on day three, four, and five, etc.
Boyce G.

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So Fun Learning About Key West History

Things are so neat hear and what a crazy history this building has been through. The sculptures outside are a hoot to see as well. One neat thing we learned about Key West are those Gumbo Limbo trees, they call tourist trees, since they have peeling red skin.

Kathy T.

The Best of Florida Keys

This place is excellent. Easily the most recognized attractions in all of the Florida Keys, as the giant red building towers over the Seaport Waterfront. Seward Johnson has really done it right.

Elvira L.

Custom House

281 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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