Classic Bahamian Conch Inn

We picked here because of the positive reviews. Feedback has been our best teacher on our travel trips down to the Florida Keys. With a zillion places to stay, it is best to go with current feedback. The hotels change owners and get upgrades all of the time, things are on a moving scale. We go with the comments made within about a three month period. This was all that the website stated, all true!
Porfirio B.

reader feedback

Historic Hotel with Upgraded Rooms

Tour guides will point out the Bahamian features, like multiple level porches and tall windows. The house itself was originally made out of cypress wood, very rare at the time and today. But the big fire of 1886 took the home down and it was later replaced with Dade County Pine, that is the way locals referred to it.

Hollis M.

Love the Old Style B&B's

When you hear the tour guides talk about the concept of Bahamian Architecture, this is a classic example. On the corner of Simonton and Caroline, this is right in the action.

Norbert U.

Historic Hotel Estate home of Richard Kemp

Almost everything you need is close by the Caroline Street location, so forget about the car. The property is very charming with modern conveniences, plus breakfast and happy hour. Loved Turtle Kraals at the Historic Seaport.

Millicent V.

Nice Amenities and a Primetime Location

What you get for amenities here: porches, tropical gardens, 40 foot heated lap pool, complimentary Key West cocktail hour.

Ruth Y.

Room Styles are wonderful at the Cypress House

The cool thing here at the Cypress House are the Florida style ceiling fans and cleanliness. Understand the room styles as they come in European (shared bath), one queen, two double beds, king bed, or two queen. You can even get a Luxury or Honeymoon Suite.

Milo U.

Cypress House

601 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040

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