Dinghy Boot Key

Dinghy Boot Key

When you are paying for mooring or canal dockage, the dinghy dock is free to use. Others in the area may also use the dinghy dock for a fee. The dock area for dinghies is at the north end of the City Marina Canal, near the marina office building. All dinghy dock users must register at the marina office and put a tag for display on the vessel.
Jonas Z.

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Dinghy Boat Life Style

Boot Key is a super neat area to anchor for a week to a month, or maybe forever. I love the dinghy life style, except when too sauced from the happy hours to make it back to my sailboat. Make sure to see the chicitiki bar over at Burdines Waterfront. We have plenty of boater friendly bars in this part of town.

Gabriel B.

Life on the Water

This is where we are going to go out with a friend and stay out on the big sailboat. Close by are some very good seafood restaurants, so many of the larger sailboats dock here. They offer a first class operation for boater use of the showers, Recreation Center, boat supplies, Bait Shop and more. The city center is first class and the top spot in the middle keys for dockage and mooring.

Dorothy R.

Dinghy Boot Key

800 35th Street
Marathon FL 33050
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