Scenic Underwater Reef

What a super event, as the Florida Keys Reef System is unbelievable to see up close. We had a wonderful trip out to Molasses Reef, which contains a bunch of boulder corals and a well-developed spur-and-groove system. The boat takes you out to the Reef Sanctuary Preservation Area located approximately six miles southeast of Key Largo, in an area known as Rock Harbor. It could not have been more scenic.
Davis L.

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Fitness with Reef Swimming

What a sweet area to enjoy watersports and fitness. We get such a rush out of all the activities, you just stay so busy. That Snappers Bar is a good one too.

Joshua F.

Good Spots to take advantage of Water Recreation

Rock Harbor is a sweet location to start a Florida Keys watersports pleasure day. There are a zillion reef buoys to tie up to up and down the coastline. We stayed nearby at Ocean Pointe and used any of the best weather days for water play. We try to make the wind our friend whenever we go offshore.

Cyril Q.

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