Collections of Historical Diving Artifacts

We always go snorkeling when we vacation in Islamorada, but we had not been to the Dive Museum until our last visit. What a shame, we should have visited much earlier. The attraction and experience really sheds the light on what it all means to the Florida Keys and the diving industry.

Find it at mile marker 83, bayside in Islamorada. It is very thought provoking reviewing thousands of years of scuba diving history, mixed with plenty of Florida Keys style entertainment. A nice attraction for families with children and very educational. The exhibit guides are in most of the popular languages. We love the Islamorada Florida family attractions.

What a great job they do of keeping up this national historic treasures. I like this place and would recommend the visit early in your trip. The education makes the remainder of the trip better. Same goes for the Duval Street trolley.
Mavis V.

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Vacation Experiences

The scuba diving attraction is a must see spot for sure. Our snorkel trips take off right there close by at the Whale Harbor Marina. We are in good shape and the best time of the year to hit the Florida Keys is today!

Do not miss the tree house oceanfront bar and restaurant. This is a fun spot in Islamorada and we love it here. The marine life is so much fun to learn about when vacationing in the Florida Keys. I love the drive over us highway one.

The fall weather in South Florida is sweet, since we can still swim, snorkel, and keep your feet wet as possible. Cool are the great pleasures in the keys islands. Get educated for better vacation experiences and memories.

Marianne I.

History of Diving Museum

82990 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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