Island Hot Dogs Bar

Island Hot Dogs Bar

This hip spot is close to it all, nicely located in the heart of the action. Stop by and check out the scene, we love the area and views. They have top music, food, and plenty of cocktails, like the good ones with the fruit inside and 151 Bacardi Rum!

Very good spot right across form the 3-Friends Karaoke Bar. We went to both after the sunset drop party. The Florida Keys gets the top bands, because everyone wants to come down here and get paid too! Yeah to the Relish and Ketchup Hot Dog Bar.

check The Deals. Happy hours are super here. We love this bar and the WEYW TV commercial.
Augustus K.

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Char Grilled Oysters

The Florida Keys is a music mecca and there are several new bars in the city. Over the years, they do come and go. Not the big ones, they are cash generating machines. Man the booze goes fast. I also want to mention the party boats, as it is a hoot to partake in a keys deep-sea fishing experience. It was a weekend highlight. Flats fishing is also extremely popular and backcountry guides abound.

Dustin Y.

Front Street Hot Dog Restaurant

The best Key West Hot Dog is at Mattheessen's, mostly known for being a Ice Cream Parlor. There are a few of them around town, and the one by Island Dogs Bar is one block south. They make really good fudge, cookies, and loads more.

Casandra Z.

Island Dogs Bar

505 Front Street
Key West FL 33040

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