Downtown Key West Condo Rental

Downtown Key West Condo Rental

Mills Place is a top ten condo complex in the downtown area, two blocks from Duval Street. Units are two or three bedrooms, and each has special touches unique to that particular unit. The complex has a high set of standards, and people are all smiles when staying here inside Truman Annex. All units have all the goodies for just like home living including full ready to go kitchens, plus washer-dryer inside. It is a prime area for picking out a clean and cozy one week rental in the action center. We highly rate this a sure-thing top pick!
Vicki V.

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Really nice Swimming Pool

Having a really Nice Swimming Pool is the number one hotel amenity when you're booking a vacation in Florida. I think it is fabulous when you can splash around a little bit after the bike rides and get refreshed again for the next round of sightseeing. We often would be in the pool for brief periods at least four or five times each day, plus counting the night swims. You can walk from the units to Fort Taylor Beach Park, which is a super thing to do if you want to do a little bit of Snorkeling right off the Shoreline. They charge a fee at this State Park, but it is much cheaper if you go on your bicycle or walk in rather than taking the car. You could walk to the beach in five minutes, and that's a big plus for staying here in these units. I thought the check-in process was really fast and easy with the lockboxes, and one with my name on it was waiting for me when I got here. You get your key and straight into the room, and it's all smiles for the rest of your vacation!

Darwin W.

Mills Place

401 Emma Street
Key West FL 33040
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