Fun on the Way

Fun on the Way

It is a blast to drive down to Key West, just stop at some of the zillions of attractions along the way. Pieceing together a fun video just highlights the cool stuff you get to checkout. Any of the big towns are good, but do not forget about the little places like Layton. The Casa Marina stay was top notch.
Ashleigh E.

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Considerations for US1 Florida Keys

Probably the core thing to attempt to avoid, if your schedule is more flexible, is try to not drive down on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Attempt to skip driving back up US1 on Sunday afternoons.

Justin L.

Driving to the Cocktails with a View

One of the best things about the trip down the Overseas Highway is when you arrive and have a cocktail! I love the Casa Marina because of the views and the great bar menu. My top vacation drinks at the bar: Sour Apple Martini with smirnoff green apple twist & dekuyper sour apple pucker. The Raspberry Cosmopolitan mixes absolut raspberri, cointreau & cranberry juice. I love a nice party drink the Cosmopolitan using skyy citrus, cointreau & cranberry juice.

Adan R.

Drive to Key West

10870 Overseas Highway
Marathon FL 33040
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