Duval Street Bar Fly

Duval Street Bar Fly

One of the cool places to stop on Duval is the lobby bar inside the historic La Concha. This vintage Crowne Plaza hotel has a whole lot of cool stuff to look at on the walls from many decades of celebrity guests. The handsome Wine Bar is just the beginning, as staying in the hotel is all about good times. Have a drink up at the second floor poolside bar. Go way up the seventh floor for the roof top bar. Eating and drinking could not be any better. We love the location and the mango mojito cocktails!
Holly E.

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Beer of your Choice on Tap

I thought this bar was absolutely gorgeous the way it was. Everything has been remodeled and now it's got a new look. This property is gorgeous with everything they've done to it over the years. I love their swimming pool, the way it's up off the ground and the music that they play inside the bar. I like it here because you can cool off after doing big miles of peddling. Come on in and grab a bar seat and get a cold beer of your choice on tap. They have all of the domestic beers could probably ever think of and some pretty good import beers. If you want to go fancy why not do some kind of frozen smoothie style cocktail. Get one of those drinks that taste really good but that will knock you on your behind. This is a good spot to go for the Rooftop Pleasures.

Del P.

La Concha

430 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040
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