Eco-Discovery Center

Visitors can tour a giant nature area filled with interactive exhibits, including a replica of the undersea laboratory. It is perfect for this great land of marine life. Do this before a kayak trip and then it becomes better.

Keep a good idea on the schedule of events, as the public gets the opportunity to see the free environmental movie held here during the year. These are co-sponsored by the NOAA, with film production by big companies like the National Geographic.

This is the real deal. Your Kids will really Enjoy the Film Series. Thanks so much for promoting our Events in the Florida Keys. We biked here from Alexander Palms Court and it is next to the snorkel park at Fort Taylor beach.
Ladonna G.

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Florida Keys Education Center

Takes about thirty minutes to an hour. Interesting. Look and see mega interesting detail on the ocean and marine life of the Florida Keys.

Earlene G.

Eco-Discovery Center in Truman Annex

We enjoy the island and all of the nature that are provided here, especially the coconuts! I am certain that most people do not come to this center, and it was until our eighth vacation before we entered for the first time. The location hurts, it is very isolated and hidden from the main traffic flow. Very cool though.

Sandra H.

Eco-Discovery Center

35 East Quay Road
Key West FL 33040

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