Eden House on Fleming

Having the opportunity to stay at an upbeat and playful hotel made our vacation trip that much better. This is the original Key West Happy Hotel, where they made the tradition so famous. We meet so many people out around the swimming pool. What a guaranteed good time to stay place.
Mellisa T.

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A very Peaceful Setting

Fleming Street is very nice, a very peaceful setting in the wildest town in all of Florida. Yes, more fun than Fort Lauderdale or Clearwater Beach, two of my other favorites. The heated pool and jacuzzi cam in handy. Be sure to try the French Coffee Shop.

Kathie O.

Poolside Happy Hour Celebration

Our four nights were a treasure at the inn. We rented bikes this trip and that is a winner and will be repeated for all future trips.

Andrea J.

Tenant Rental

I love the Eden House units, as all is so nice. Being a hotel manager is a tough life. Just to let you know, while I have tried to be positive at first, I am extremely disappointed in what has happened to Key West house rental by my brother. I do not want to waste your time with all the details, but everything was done with out my authorization, and illegally done without pulling required permits.

Most tenants are great being hotel guests, but some are very poor indeed. I will explain over the weekend, and am starting to call for some attorney guidance, as I have been screwed. Sorry to bother you with the problem, but it looks like I will have to spend a lot of time fixing all the issues.

You have nothing to worry about with this fantastic place. It is the other smaller places that might have concerns.

Melissa N.

Eden House

1015 Fleming Street
Key West FL 33040

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