This is the Way to Tour

This is the Way to Tour

Key West electric car rentals are a super way to enjoy the island. The zippy electric cars let you enjoy the sightseeing without the noise and having to worry about refueling gas. Our rental was so nice we did it for two days to see the entire island. Not only are they fun, the eco-friendly rides are easier to park than full-size vehicles. Your day will be a sure fire blast!
Rocio D.

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Great Times Out on the 6-Seater Rental

What we liked best are the open sides which make you feel as though you are on the golf course. Pick between 2-seater, 4-seater, and the larger sized 6-seater. your Electric Vehicle will take you anywhere in Key West, even out to Stock Island.

Dolores Z.

Four-Wheel Vehicle

Getting around is so fun if you can do it with some wheels. I would rent something, it all depends on whether you want a four-wheel vehicle or a two wheel vehicle, plus the bicycles are plenty good. If you get a bicycle get a comfortable one where you sit up like you're in a chair not leaning way over like the old-style mountain bikes.

I like the discounts and this is cheap for the keys stuff. Good Shopping here in downtown at the Five Dollar Store. The discounts Shopping chain has locations all around the Florida Keys. Everybody is selling a myriad of goods and gifts for one to five dollars. You probably think that Key West's number one industry, cheap deals and then it is cocktails! I sure wish they had some five dollar deals at big Orlando Disney World Resort.

Teri Q.

Electric Cars

1910 North Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040
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