European Village Cafe at Greene Street

European Village Cafe at Greene Street

The food and atmosphere are so charming, we come here often. It takes just a few minutes to bike over from the Curry Mansion. The espresso is great for a pick-me-up late in the afternoon. You can't beat the location, right here by the popular Key West Bight Marina.

Offers a great cup of european coffee, and specialize in foods taught by old style chefs. Very tasty treats and kids like this place too. We love family style Key West food stops.

The colorful koi fish are a nice touch to a restaurant. This is our coffee and snack shop, and love the back patio. Say yes to the Old Town patio cafe. The coffee is very good, a nice choice for places to stop on the bicycle to get some food. There is something special about european cafe stops.
Tracey I.

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European Village Bakery Cafe

We get snacks here to take on the boat, and it is just one block to the boat docks. Food on the island is so yummy. Croissants De France, which is located on Duval Street, about half way down Duval from Mallory Square, is a fantastic French pastry shop.

Sammy Y.

European Village Cafe

620 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040

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