Scenic bayside trail at the Ocean View Bar

Scenic bayside trail at the Ocean View Bar

What a neat scene is the property on the waterfront at the Ocean View Pub. I just had to take a photo of the backside area behind the bar. The walking path down to the dock is named as Captain Larry's Trail! It is just so nice to hang out and chat with friends while soaking in the views.

I like so much biking around the island to explore all the scenic spots. This is one of the more friendly parts of the Florida Keys, plus you get all of the waterfront viewing locations. We got a room for three nights right here at mile marker eighty five and loved it all. It is fun to explore more of the scenic water spots.

Thanks for all the neat information on sightseeing in lovely Islamorada. This island has to be about the most scenic and you want to spend all the time on the waterfront. I like looking at the backcountry with the little islands which dot the bayside. Vacations pleasures of every possible kind.
Nita T.

Captain Larry's Trail

84500 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036-3421

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