Family picks Key Largo

Family picks Key Largo

A sure-fire family travelers pick when planning a trip to the Florida Keys. You get plenty of nature and there will be sparkling clear water off the Shoreline. Take advantage of the nice sandy beach area, plus there is plenty to explore. Pennekamp is blessed to be better than Florida parks few and far between. Moms and dads with kids will like the well-maintained property, with lots of places to make as a day camp. There is a true overnight camping area, but the majority of daily visitors pays by the car load at the entrance gate. The big store has chairs, umbrellas, reef trips and water sports equipment for rent. Kayaking is hugely nice, because of the marked mangrove trail system. A park visit is way-more-cool in the Florida Keys!
Elisabeth W.

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A really good Time

After five different trips to the park over the years, I feel like I know it pretty well. Count on having a really good time with the family if you pick a nice day to enjoy the waterfront experience. It is important to think about what time of day you're going to be out and how is the sun and wind going to affect your water sports and beach pleasures. On the days it is really windy, go ahead and skip the Canoes and kayaks, since paddling into a headwind is no fun. On these days that it is really windy, Snorkeling is not so much good either, however fishing can really shine and the breeze keeps you more comfortable. It is great to do the Water Walk and enjoy the entire Pennekamp Marine Park. When you have very nice weather then it is time to take advantage of the reefs trip tickets or rent the kayaks. It is nice to look down below the water and see the fish even when you're standing along the Shoreline.

Boyce P.

Pennekamp Park

102601 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037
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