Famous for Conch Fritters

Famous for Conch Fritters

Chill at a casual open-air, biker-friendly dive that feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. Easy to find is The Cafe at 58000 card sound road in north Key Largo. You'd do well to take the back way and get one taste of the best made conch fritters.

The conch fritter recipe is a closely guarded secret. This card sound road route is considered the slightly longer way to get back to the mainland and a lot of Motorcycles go this way and stop at the bar. Highlighted on keys TV are the excellent homemade conch fritters at Alabama Jack's.

A lot of people never take this backroad highway connecting north Key Largo to Miami. Its wooden deck is right on the sound, so expect to chow down watching the boaters come and go.
Marjorie F.

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Open Air Beer Bars

We like to take the back-door route down through the islands, just to break up the same ole drive. At Florida City we typically fill up with gas at the race track gas station. After the last gas station, look to turn left where card sound road branches off to the left from us 1.

You cannot miss the huge sign over the road and it is the last left turn before heading to Key Largo. Going to Alabama Jacks is a good thing for a pit-stop meal. What a neat restaurant to try, it is waterfront, plus card sound road is a cool drive. We love the open air Beer Bars and eating at picnic tables.

Beryl J.

Motorcycle Bar

I sure like a good fried Shrimp Basket, and what a place to have it. This is a motorcycle bar for some folks, but really it's good family friendly food dining.

The address is actually in Homestead although most people consider it northern Key Largo. I'm not sure what happened to the website, but they don't need one because they are always packed.

Calvin T.

Alabama Jack's

5800 Card Sound Road
Key Largo FL 33037

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