Get Prepared for Fishing

Get Prepared for Fishing

(Question) Our family is driving down for a vacation and want to fish from the hotel dock and the bridge piers. (Question) Our family is driving down for a vacation and want to fish from the Hotel Dock and the bridge piers. Do we need a fishing license? (Answer) Residents and nonresidents of the Florida Keys are required to have a Saltwater Fishing license to fish even behind the hotel. Get the license before fishing for saltwater fish or any other marine critters. It is a breeze, just stop in the shop and pick up a cheap Florida State Fishing License to do the right thing.
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Gearing up for a Fishing Trip

Rules in the islands are a big deal to the commercial fishing members. You should definitely follow the rules and follow good catch and release techniques. You can rent fishing equipment and get live bait at the shop.

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Get your Fishing License

I was going to call you to vent my vacation unhappiness with what was done with the Fishing permits. It is just too complicated, measuring and you need to id the fish first. Being positive was my goal, but it is not there. I will explain in person over the weekend rather than focusing on the negative situation.

You are smart to go on a rental boat and can offer guidance, so lets talk about this next weekend. I would you to rather have a good evening and do a little Lion King kitty chase to help out with the weight lose.

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