Upclose look at the Florida Keys Lionfish

These fish are so cool to look at, but they eat all the little fish on the reefs. Yes, this fish species was not present years ago. They are not native to Florida and should not be here. The community and marine officials want them removed and are trying hard to make that happen. This is an ongoing issue, so please help and get involved.
Judith H.

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Trying to Catch the Lionfish

They have big fishing tournaments-derbies for scuba and snorkelers to catch the the lionfish. It is huge and they get a whole bunch in one weekend each time out.

Josue I.

See the Tropical Fish in Key Largo

The lion fish is one of a kind. I love the Florida Keys Reefs and seeing the marine critters close up. This is one fish population that we want to go back home.

Katie R.


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