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The Monroe County Tourist Development Council does such a wonderful job with their advertising videos. These get us so pumped up as we plan for the fun. We started putting together a list of Watersports Activity List of Things to Do. I hope this helps people out. (1) Snorkeling Excursions (2) Boat Sightseeing Trips (3) Party Fishing Boats (4) Sunset Cruise (5) Kayaking and Paddle Sports (6) Scuba Diving (7) Sailing (8) Kite Boarding (9) Parasailing (10) Paddle Boarding.
Jay H.

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The Neat Adventures of Spearfishing for Seafood

Not sure if Spearfishing gets added to the watersports list, this is one of our very favorite things to do in the water. It is more active and adds an element of Fresh Seafood for dinner! Take it to the Schooner Wharf and let them cook it your way.

Gerry R.

Planning for Good Deals

Hi...Ok...let talk about this on the phone tomorrow. This was the hotel I called that was in negotiating mode and they are tossing in free watersports. Let's also figure out a second place, just in case. One and Two!

Benedict J.

Cheap kayaks last forever for trips

Definitely the kayaks are the best thing going. You buy them for $300 or less if used, then we take them every where we go in Florida. Nothing beats our trips to the islands, we love it here.

Verna C.

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