West Rock Jetty Park

West Rock Jetty Park

This fort was one of the deterrents to the Confederate Navy and was never attacked. It was a Union held military post built in 1845 to control The Port of Key West. You can see the historic fort close up, as a nice bike and walking trail takes you around it. Now the park is used more primarily for the beach, snorkel, picnic, and Sunset Park.
Saul O.

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Walk, Bike or Drive to the Park

This is a State Park and they charge by the car load. It is cheaper if you come on your bikes or walk in, you just have to carry your snorkel gear. Walking takes three minutes from the Shipyard Condos.

Mathew E.

Fort Taylor Park has it all

You can take yoga classes on the beach here at Fort Taylor. Yes, the classes are excellent for beginners and experienced yoga pros. Check the schedule as there are a series of daily yoga classes, private sessions, and workshops. Bring your snorkel, as after class you can bond with the marinelife. Only in Key West!

Jacqueline L.

Key West Beach Park

Has chair rentals, and a bunch of bbq grills, decently clean restrooms and a fantastic cafe concession stand.

Lola R.

Zachary Taylor Park

100 Southard Street
Key West FL 33040

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