Wet Wearables for Island Play

It only took our first trip to the Florida Keys to figure out the need for good footwear. The key is shoes that let you go from the water to the boat and into the restaurant. I now recommend Wet Wearable Sandals and Boat Shoes.

Ladies will like the fashions, as you will be in great style. The wet shoes these days are made from neoprene and feature drain panels. You cannot beat the price and they have foam insoles for comfort.

Sexy Ladies will be in for a really tantalizing treat and kids will be thrilled by the colors and styles. Wet Wearables are the key here, even for into Mindful Mermaid cafe. The big island store for ladies footwear wins every-time.
Jasper P.

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Summer Footwear in Style

Super footwear...you are smart. This is my place for plenty of gifts. People love stuff from Key Largo, since it is free. Do know that I am NOT a good gift giver. But this year you get the real deal, all for a nice price. All at the Sandal Factory. Finally, Stu comes through!

Haley V.

Wet Wearables for Island Play

Beach shoes are what you wear all day here, even to the public restaurants and bars. Prices are cheap, just about as inexpensive as flip-flops. I love water shoes and they protect your feet in water and when walking on the rocky Pennekamp Beaches. We loved our stay at the Holiday Inn next to the Marina.

Etta W.

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