Dockside Galley Beer Bar

Stopped in here on our first night in Key Largo, staying nearby at the Holiday Inn. Loved the fish tacos and the meatloaf. Good views from the second floor where the scuba boats start the voyage. Everyone is fired up around here because of dive talk and fish catching.

I love all the places on the islands for eating with the view. There's a good hotels in the area including the marina Delmar and of course the famous Holiday Inn Hotel. It's got a great atmosphere and good affordable pricing on the menu.

Like most places, they get real busy for breakfast and then it's pretty much easy to get one of the waterside patio seats. I would definitely try to get that table outside rather than inside unless the weather's bad. They have ceviche and shark bites.
Clarence V.

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Dinner food for Scuba Divers

Each day they have some sort of special, food of the day, and beer at discount. Right next to the Ocean Divers Scuba Shop.

Gilda L.

Eating on the Waterfront

Be sure to watch the live music band tonight. It was pretty good yesterday. The Key Largo Live Music Schedule is something to keep a keen eye out for during your nights on the island.

Vance U.

Fresh Lobster in the Restaurants

When in season (see the schedule) Lobster and Stone Crabs are found through out the keys. After the season, they are frozen. Be sure to ask before you order.

Britt Z.

Best Fish Tacos on the Island

Famous for fish tacos. They use the fresh catch fish of the day, which is seasonal. Yellowtail, Mahi, and other Snappers are most used to form the crispy beer battered fish. That goes in with fresh guacamole, black beans, shredded cabbage, red onions, fat-free sour cream, cilantro, and hot salsa. Best with bottom-less beer!

Christopher M.

Galley Dockside

522 Caribbean Drive
Key Largo FL 33037

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