Rent a Fishing Pole

Rent a Fishing Pole

Most everyone should do some fishing, at least for one afternoon when vacationing in the Florida Keys. You do not have to go on an expensive boat trip to catch fish. Nearly all of the hotels along the waterways has a dock area to catch editable fish right there by your resort room. Fresh fish caught can be taken to Turtle Kraals to Cook your Catch.
Jared V.

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Get Hooked up to Fish

This is a great store in such an ideal location for stopping by and making your plans for the next days fishing outing. We do a lot of bottom fishing with light line. You never know what's get a bite your hook when you're fishing the bottom, but likely you're going to get some mutton Snappers. The lead weight that you're going to use for bottom fishing rods is all about the current, eight ounces should be plenty. I tend to use the number seven sized circle hook, which gets good results for me. You may end up throwing a lot of fish out which are not keepers, but you're likely to steadily be catching some kind of fish off the bottom. If you're new to the Florida Keys and a novice at fishing in general, bottom fishing is probably the best way to go.

Zachariah Z.

Downtown Fishing Shop

241 Margaret Street
Key West FL 33040

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