Upper Key Largo Marina Video

Bring your boat, ship, kayak or rent one and use it right here in Key Largo. This is the marina we use as home base to fun. After your boating and fishing pleasures, ice down your Hogfish catch and head in to this really cool marina and bar.
Miguel E.

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Where to Party Tonight

Very nice place and it has just the right vibe for the Florida Keys. Ask about the Mango Shots.

Grover Z.

Jewfish Creek Bridge Fishing

Good area for fishing is around Jewfish Creek Bridge. Where the action starts is here as you exit or enter Key Largo at this point. Just after the famous 18-Mile stretch of the Overseas Highway.

Susana Y.

Florida Keys Travel on a Boat

You cannot miss it right under the big bridge. This is where Key Largo begins, the top of the Keys party spot.

Melba U.

Boaters get Non-Ethanol Gas

Good spot with friendly service and a big hotel. You can park vessels that are really big. On dock 100 amp 3 phase, slip rentals for nightly or weekly. Very cool zone for the boater. Has all the others: Tiki Bar, charter dive, fishing, scuba rentals, sailing excursion. Plus a big Beer Bar spot for seafood snacks.

Sasha G.

Gilberts Marina

107900 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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