Harry Harris Beach Park

Harry Harris Beach Park

My top pick for dumping the boat in or taking the kids out for a swim. There is a beach area, Playground, and lots of sightseeing. We like this place during the week when it is typically empty, with the exception of people Going out on the Boat to fish. Its a quiet area, far from US1.
Gustavo B.

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Harry Harris Park Tavernier

What a beautiful area, and I'm right here by the Boat Ramps and a boat is coming in now. Kind of the chili day, so there's not as many boaters as usual. As I look around though, I see a lot of children playing near the center of the park, wow. All is active, with volleyball, picnic tables, fishing, and lots of room for toss games. A nice family park.

Kelley Y.

Where to fishing in the Upper Florida Keys

What an area for fishing, parks, and island life. Not just Key Largo is hot for getting out on the water for some fish, we have plenty of luck around (1) Duck Key (2) Long Key (3) Islamorada (4) Plantation and (5) Grassy Key. We would recommend hitting the flats surrounding the islands, which is easier and safer if you are from out of town. Nothing beats the shallow water and you might hook onto a fast and feisty Bonefish!

Sarah O.

Water Based Vacations are the Best

Our draw has always been the sea, we like water based vacations. Boating with the head phones playing your top picks is a winner. Bring a kayak and you can see lots of beauty right here from the park.

Curt S.

Harry Harris Park

55 East Beach Drive
Tavernier FL 33037

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