Tropical Hotel on Simonton Street

So fortunate we felt when we booked our room with such limited planning or information. It was Friday and we wanted to come down to Mile Marker Zero. They had weekend vacancy and out popped my credit card, booked it online. We arrived to the surprise of our lives. This place is fantastic, so clean and well maintained. The upgrades were everywhere and sleeping conditions very cozy. Close to it all, this is a weekend getaway to the Florida Keys you will love!
Horace Z.

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Weekend Vacancy in Key West

The open weekend vacancy at the Heron House was just what we needed, a grand spot for a quick little getaway from Miami-Kendall, and we love the drive down.

Letitia K.

Hotels down in the Florida Islands

Simonton Street is so prime and very tropical. It fits the island's theme. We very much enjoyed the cool stay. Key West continues to shine bright as an outstanding Florida Travel Destination.

Dominic Y.

Heron House

512 Simonton Street
Key West FL 33040

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