Hidden Secret Pizza Parlor

Hidden Secret Pizza Parlor

We love the cute spots that dish out big yummy! We've been there many times over the years, and it is been good each visit. The stuffed philly cheese steak pizza is plenty big enough to share. They specialize in pizzas and panini, and make all sorts of interesting recipes. Get the sixteen inch large and you can share six extra big slices, or have them cut into cube style. This is the place to get a pizza or two to go for eating back at your hotel pool. It is nice to get quick service yummies where all of the food has always been consistently good visit after visit. I love the white pizza biancaneve style, made with ricotta, parmigiano, spinach, garlic and italian mozzarella cheese. The pizza menu is impressive, so look online and you can order right away upon arrival.
Denver J.

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Best Place to get some Pizza

We get a lot of questions from people on where is the best place to get some pizza in town. The city is luckily enough to support many different pizza shops all over the island. If you're in the Old Town area I would head over to Greene Street and there's a fantastic little pizza shop down the block or two from Duval. I really like the way they decorate everything, making your food look a little bit better and it will taste great after they slice it up for you. You can get the thin crust for a lower calorie type of situation, or to really fill you up, get the best value go with the deep dish. Each piece of deep dish pizza is about the same as three of the thin style. Once they take a deep dish thick crust and then stuff it with even more goodies, you have the best pizza ever!

Stevie J.

Duetto Cafe

540 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040
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