Higgs Beach Pier

Higgs Beach Pier

Stop by and check out one of the most underrated little parts of Key West. Here you are right on Atlantic Avenue where there is excellent pier, restaurant, picnic area, and tennis courts. The walking and bike path goes right through the Beach Park and enjoy the public swimming area which is marked off from boaters. They even have shelters if you need some shade. It's very scenic and the Snorkeling is good when the sun is high in the sky.
Lydia F.

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Look for Sea Turtles on the Shore

Only in Key West can you walk out to the end of a beach pier and find stairs that make it easy to enter and exit the water. Yes, you can walk to the end and swim, snorkel, or float on a raft. Also, can you post the turtle release video.

Forrest A.

Coastal Viewing on the Shoreline

Do bring bikes on this trip. However rentals are here when you are ready to use them. They can set you up with a nice fat tire beach bike. Later, it would be good to hit Louis Backyard around sunset. I am falling for monroe county, I would recommend this for vacations for all.

Tory K.

Sightseeing Trolley Tour Stops

One fine part of town, we love this classic beachside stuff. They have the Pet Parade next door at the Casa Marina. That is a hoot to see.

Aldo E.

Higgs Beach Pier

1000 Atlantic Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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