Tip of the Island Inn

Tip of the Island Inn

Such a pretty area is the Island of Key Colony Beach. We stayed here for six nights and only have a positive spin on the hotel and area. The island also has a lot of Condo Rentals available, and these are waterfront too. It was a magical stay and you walk to breakfast, lunch and dinner at some very fun seafood bars and cafes. The hotel is at the Tip of the Island, just the most perfect piece of property.
Chi K.

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Kitchen Units on the Ocean

Suites and condo styled units are the way to vacation in the Florida Keys. Having a nicely equipped kitchen allows you to keep fresh fruit and the champagne cold. It is nice to reheat left overs and sandwiches. I cannot go on vacation without having a refrigerator.

Zachary H.

Suites on Key Colony Beach

Until we stayed here, we had not heard of Key Colony Beach. This little island is really just a small part of the larger Marathon Key. The city has all the big stuff like Publix Grocery, Kmart, Liquor Stores, and the rest. This is an island, but you are not out in the middle of no where like in Layton.

Stewart F.

Tip of the Island Florida Keys Style

We liked the area a lot as it is just wholesome, a great neighborhood to stay in. I really enjoy the Walking Pathways that our family and grand kids can walk together and enjoy. You should bring your bicycles and your fishing poles for sure.

Tami U.

Continental Inn

1121 West Ocean Drive
Key Colony Beach FL 33051

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