Hotel with a Boat Dock

Hotel with a Boat Dock

Our family had a really good time staying here. This town will keep you on the go most of the time, and it is kind of in the Center of the Island. We thought the location was very good, just a ten minute bike ride from Smathers Beach. You can walk to plenty of restaurants and happy hour bars or jump on the bicycles.
Stanton O.

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Dockside Southernmost Hotel

Whatever kind of boat you have, bring it on down as this is a Great Place to Stay to use it. I see all kinds of boats that people bring down to use on their trip, airboats, personal watercraft vehicles, swamp buggies, and a lot of recreational motorboats. When you leave the docks going away from the hotel, all boaters must observe no wake zones and reduce speeds in marked manatee caution areas. You will see a lot of reduce speed signs and the narrow creeks where kayak paddlers may be obstructed by heavy vegetation. If you go to do some fishing while you're staying down here at your Waterfront Hotel, be sure to get a Florida Saltwater Fishing license. A fishing license is required for just about everything you do with a fishing pole or a spear gun. Expect to have the best time ever by staying in such a good location.

Mina T.

Harborside Motel

903 Eisenhower Drive
Key West FL 33040-7292

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