Hotels the Ladies Love

Hotels the Ladies Love

A classic Florida Keys resort, restaurant, tiki bar, and beach area just loaded with action. We have stayed at a few of the Islamorada Hotels over the years and always have such pleasant and rewarding experiences. Sip cocktails in the pool and take in the action. Find it at mile marker eighty four as part of the historic Holiday Isle entertainment district. I would certainly try to book a room here the resort and the tiki bars are a Florida Keys must do attraction. This is a nice hotel for ladies with all the extra amenities for coziness and the bikini pool lounging!
Rosanne T.

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Loaded with Activities

Excellent in all phases is this resort. It was a pleasure to be in a place that has so many activities that you never get bored. The best part of going out each evening to sip on some cocktails is figuring out what activity you're going to do the next day. We mainly focus on the wind, to determine what we're going to do. If the winds are light then that is good for reef trips, boating, and Kayaking. On the days that it is darned windy, we go shopping or you can fish from the bridges. The windy fishing days are kind of nice because you don't get so sweaty with a nice breeze. If you want to bring a boat they have plenty of room right here at the hotel. Make sure you bring all your swimming clothing because you will be wet all of the time. Bring shoes that are the kind that you can step into the water, as walking along the Shoreline is really entertaining to do.

Eddie J.

Holiday Isle

84001 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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