Cuban Recipes

Cuban Recipes

We found a super good restaurant right at Mallory Square Key West! Yummy it is for Cuban Food. Popular is the vaca frita, in english it is the sauteed shredded flank steak. I got this the first time. This is the power house of fine Cuban Food are the cool restaurants down here at Mile Marker Zero, and boy do they know how to treat you right.

Go bold with pan con bistec sandwich, a grilled top sirloin steak on cuban bread. I am a big fan of the ropa vieja, palomilla steak, and the classic cuban fried sweet plantains. Oh yes seafood, halibut al ajillo, the fish in garlic sauce.

They have a bunch of other specialties to satisfy all taste types. One of the best dishes is the bistec empanizado or breaded seasoned sirloin steak. Pick from salads, beef, chicken, and steaks. Some other noteworthy restaurants include: Two Friends Patio, A and B Lobster House, and Key West Cheese Steaks cafe. Eating Good like this is nice. We love the unique and interesting places like this on the island.
Ruthie Z.

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Going Out to Eat

You cannot go wrong with the combinacion de pollo y puerco, meaning the roasted chicken and pork combo. Our gym is just around the corner. All is so good. It really highlights the traditions of life in cuba. I really like the art work and colorful pieces on the walls.

Miquel Q.

Cuban Menu

Juan and lucia o'farrill have One of the Island's Best Restaurants. My pick here includes the frijoles negros y platanos frito, black beans rice with sweet plantains. All will love the vibe and neat paintings on the wall. Hot for me is lechon asado, cuban style roasted pork.

They win awards for the bistec de pollo, grilled chicken steak. For lunch go with the sandwich de pollo, grilled chicken steak on cuban bread. Barbecue lovers special is the pollo en salsa barbacoa, barbecue roasted chicken.

You have to try once the bistec de palomilla, grilled top sirloin steak. Cuban locals get the arroz con pollo, chicken and yellow rice. Go crazy and get the arroz con calamares, squid and rice.

Sally M.

El Meson De Pepe

410 Wall Street
Key West FL 33040

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