Mahi fishing trip out of Smugglers Cove

It was a big pleasure to go out on such a wonderful boat and catch so many keepers mahi-mahi. This is a fishing hotel perfect to get these greenish dolphin fish. We love to eat seafood, but did not realize how exciting it is to go out on the ocean and reel them in.

Our captain did a fabulous job and made it really easy on use newbies. Very fun, a must do on your Florida Keys Vacation. It is a super-Great area for boating and the beloved the Snake Creek Bridge. I love hotel rooms with a view.

One reason we stayed here was there so many cool things to do in the area. Be sure to go to the Rum Runner Tiki Bar and of course the Islamorada Public Swimming Pool is huge. Everybody loves the rewards of the day on the water and that should be target number one.
Emil S.

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Snake Creek Channel

Bad Habit Charters is located at Smuggler's Cove Marina and they do both the ocean and backcountry fishing. The big boat is a 45 foot Vicking, which is awesome. Easy to find, you can see the docks on Google maps, as Smugglers Cove is located on Snake Creek Channel. Yes, A great choice is Bad Habit Charters.

Enoch Y.

Snake Creek Marina

On the opposite side of US1 from Smugglers Cove is one of the better waterfront restaurants on the island, the Island Grill. It is boater friendly with a good amount of dock space, oceanside. Has live music in the evenings.

Cliff B.

Marina at Snake Creek

We haven't been here before. This place is across the street from Island Grill. The menu and prices look good and they have live entertainment. We have to go to this place and look at the fishing boats too.

Kayla Y.

Using the Wet Slips at Snake Creek

Great area for boating in the Upper Florida Keys, around mile marker 85, at the Snake Creek Bridge. The bar has live music every evening, right next to the Wet Slips.

Reynaldo I.

More Local Things to Do

That zany bowling center a mile up the road is so cool. Yes, the bowling center of the the Florida Keys! The Fish Bowl is a classic with bowling leagues and beer!

Bart D.

Smugglers Cove

85500 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036-3400

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