Islamorada Kayak Trails

Islamorada Kayak Trails

Such a pleasure to paddle in a one-of-a-kind place, so filled with nature. The shade that you get under the mangrove trails is wonderful and creates a special water scene. Could not have had a more enjoyable time than right here just off the Overseas Highway.
Alphonso F.

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Islamorada Kayak Launch Locations

The water was very fresh and no bugs were flying around. Much better than the fresh water canals and trails in Florida because of the clear water, which is not stagnant at all. Free parking for kayak launching right off the highway park areas.

Sergio D.

Making the Most of the Islamorada Weekend

The nature and beauty just is amazing and this is on our top recommendation list! Everyone will love the mangrove kayak trails here in the Florida Keys.

Darrin H.

Where is best location for kayaking in the Florida Keys

Very cool, what a special way to see the most breathtaking visuals of the islands here in the Upper Keys. Planning the next trip now. This time renting kayaks for sure, to take our own self-guided paddling tour of the amazing islands!

Jane R.

Having a blast out on the Ocean Kayak

We enjoyed a very comfortable trip on the kayaks here in the Florida Keys. I now believe this is probably as sweet as it gets for seeing marine life. Paddle out farther into the bay while looking at the many keys and mangroves. The sun is important, as it makes water clarity at its best. You can make it out to Lignumvitae Key!

Kelsey A.

Islamorada Kayak Trails

78000 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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