Island Grocery Store

Island Grocery Store

(Q) What is the best place to buy groceries and deli goods in Key West? (Q) What is the best place to buy groceries and deli goods in Key West? (A) Can you believe this place was started way back around 1930. There are two locations, Flemming and White Streets. The fresh fruits are so tropical and great for smoothie making. It has it all and I like the full deli, plus tons of wine and beer selections.
Joann G.

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Food Palace

Most all of the locals shop here at the favorite local grocery store, not so much Publix. The best thing about the food palace are the locations in the city. Most people have baskets on their bicycles so they can stop at the grocery store and load up on the goodies without wasting fuel, like I have to do if I go to Publix. They always have really good shrimp, fresh from the docks at a good price. The Vegetable Market is fantastic and they have everything possible that you could use to make a tropical dish. A lot of the vegetables comes from Homestead Florida, which is the city just above Key Largo where all the farming takes place for South Florida. If you want organic foods, they have it here for you both for the vegetables and the beef. Make sure you check the specials on the website as they show you what's the deal of the day.

Shelton D.


522 Fleming Street
Key West FL 33040

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