Pet Care in the Florida Keys

Pet Care in the Florida Keys

When we first moved down to the Florida Keys, we wondered if they had quality pet veterinarians. We were so glad to find the spot for Cat and Dog Care at Mile Marker 82. The office is excellent and the care is all professional (Dr. Stacey), smartly done with a smile! That is exactly what we wanted. Big thanks to all at Island Paws.
Ola A.

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Great job on my darling Cat

Kitty Poo is just fine. He is just eating less because his thyroid medicine is working. He was eating too much before. Now he is eating just right. They did blood work, urine test, and thyroid test and he is just fine.

Marcellus Q.

Cats and Dog Lovers a Plenty in Key West

I noticed they seem to have veterinarians in Key West, and they all come to the big Pet Parade at the Casa Marina, then on Duval Street. That is one great event, and you can bring your pet in the zaniest outfit possible!

Carly H.

What to do in a Cat Emergency

I'm taking kitty to the vet. They said to bring him in. I will let you know how it goes. This is the correct process: doing the correct thing. Calling, asking them and going with the medical directors. Yeah to the Best Kitty Mom ever!

Josefina B.

Worried about the Kitty Throwing-up

I can't come to the Marathon Chamber Party this weekend. Kitty is not feeling well again. He has vomited twice tonight. I just took him to the vet for a re-check on Saturday. I am going to wait and see if this passes.

Justine M.

Kitties of the Keys have a Great Vet

Kitty Pooh Junior must be so proud to have a fine Care Provider (you) and Veterinarian Clinic (Islamorada Paws Pet Hospital). The fact you can make an appointment at 4:30 is fantastic. I thought they would be over at the Zane Grey Happy Hour!

Adele S.

Do not feed Chicken to Cats

Kitty is doing great thanks to the Pet Hospital. He got sick because I was feeding him chicken. He had lost his appetite from the medicine so a friend suggested chicken. Well, I fed him too much chicken. He needs his cat food. That is what keeps him healthy. So now he is ok and he is going back on cat food only.

Lessie M.

Cats love the Tropical Storms and Hurricane Winds

Put the kitty out right away, he will love the strong winds. Big winds are a kitty feeling sensation! Yes, a treat for cats. This will really do a good job with weight loss too, since it is normal so hot and the storms cool things off in the summer heat.

Tonya I.

Cats versus Dogs for Home Companions

Good thing you got a sweet little kitty-cat, as my neighbor has two huge dogs. Oh my gosh does she have to work to deal with these animals. Everything is an effort, plus she is forced to take them to work. I am sure the co-workers love the stinky dogs! But the best thing is like tonight, she takes them on a long walk and it starts pouring down rain! It makes me laugh. Yeah kitty.

Antoine F.

Florida Keys Pet Veterinarian Locations

Kitty goes through phases where he is just fine and then there are other times when he gets sick. He got sick a little bit last night but it wasn't as bad as it has been. I will be talking to the vet tomorrow. He still isn't eating much and I am concerned about that, but he is out in the yard right now and he is happy. Just not eating much.

Melisa D.

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