Food Cruise on the Ocean

Food Cruise on the Ocean

What a way to enjoy the Key West Waterfront in the very best of style! It was just amazing for us to do something as a couple so special. The Island of Key West is extremely fun to enjoy from the waterside, looking into the city like the pirates did way back when. Yummy food, personalized service, cocktails, boat rides, and sunsets just go perfect together.
Jennifer W.

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Gourmet Sunset Party on the Ocean

I highly recommend this trip, what a boat. They really put on a nice event, which was the key focal point of our Florida Keys Vacation. This was the highlight of the island.

Bertie P.

One of the best voyages we have taken

It was a blast. You get a unique water-based experience on the Atlantic Ocean that most people have never dreamed of. Duval is only part of the fun down here. We liked having a private charter and a captain that knows all of the shallow spots. Not bad is having an on-board chef!

Tasha Y.

Gourmet Dinner Cruise

201 William Street
Key West FL 33040

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