Boat Fuel Depot at Mile Marker 80

Boat Fuel Depot at Mile Marker 80

QUESTION: We are staying at Pines and Palms Islamorada and need to know where to get boat fuel? ? ANSWER: Not far from your hotel down the coast line are the fuel docks (mile marker 80 by car) at the Tea Table Key Relief Channel Bridge. Bud & Mary's Marina is very easy to find, just pull right up and one of the dock hands will help you will the fuel. Check inside the Bait Shop for fishing help and to pay for the gas.
Melisa S.

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Live Bait Shop by Boat

Very convenient, in and out of in a flash. The Bait Shop has it all for live bait, plus frozen. Go with the live pin fish every time or crabs. There are other bait shops in town, this is the best on the water.

Marco N.

Boat Fuel Depot Islamorada

You can boat just fine around here with out gas, just make sure you have back up communication equipment. Yes, everyone needs to waterproof their cell phones (waterproof ziplock is fine) and have them on board the boat.

Josh K.

Islamorada Fuel Docks

79851 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036

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