Thomas Street Grocery Shop

Thomas Street Grocery Shop

What a pleasure is having this little grocery store just around the corner from our hotel. It has it all: beer, food, snacks and more. It is very convenient for those staying in the Truman Annex, just a short walk away.

Oh my goodness, it has it all, plus cold beer. Well certainly I got some sourdough bread, the fancy stuff for four dolllars! And fresh celery. I figured that would be not be able to pick up unless we went to your gigantic grocery store.

The Publix is good and Tj Maxx for cheap clothing. We get so hungry with all the bike rides and reef trips.
Josie K.

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Johnson's Classic Grocery Market

It is right there across from the Blue Heaven Cafe, my top pick for breakfast on the island. About two blocks from the Hemingway House.

Porter T.

Corner Grocery

You were right, even the cheese is a lot better tasting. There were some leftovers and I decided to eat a few bites of the fresh cheese alone, not on a sandwich. Is cheese good this way, plus the flavor strength allows the super skinny slices for a better taste than any packaged cheese I have had. Lower calories and better taste for $4 per pound of sliced cheese. I am falling for The Deals at the coolest market ever!

Tad O.

Johnson's Grocery

800 Thomas Street
Key West FL 33040

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