Kayak Indian Key Fill

Kayak Indian Key Fill

We had so much fun paddling from here. Has lots of primitive kayak launching and a boat ramp on the bayside. This is one of the very best places to dump in your kayak. You have the mangrove trails behind Robbie's Marina, Indian Key Park, and Lignumvitae State Park. Pick your direction for exploration, as you can have a great time going in any direction! Oceanside along the beach resorts is a nice way to go.
Pedro E.

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Oceanside Primitive Ramp

The trails behind Robbie's are a must do for sure, has a ramp there too. Be sure to get a close up of the trail system using google earth. Zoom way in and you can understand the layout. The main trail is the most important part not to miss.

Marshall L.

Kayak launch at Indian Key Fill

Next to the roadway and picnic area is a deep channel that the boats go through. It is very close to the road. After you paddle over that, it becomes very shallow on the way out to Indian Key. They have a very primitive area for about six kayaks to park easily.

Norma O.

Free Roadside Boat Launch

Watch for the sea turtles, as they are in the ocean here and stay there except when the female comes ashore to lay eggs. They can get big, over three feet long and nearly 400 pounds. All from the ping-pong ball sized eggs.to the water.

Adrian O.

MM-80 Kayak Launch

79500 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33037
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