Special for the Kayak Paddle

Special for the Kayak Paddle

It was a very pleasant surprise to see what we had found out here at mile marker ten. We had read online that there's some pretty good places to Go Kayaking that are remote. It is a excellent adventure when you get an opportunity to go to one of these places that you've never been to before. This boat launching location is about three miles off of the US1 Overseas Highway, and you turn where the Circle K sits.

The water is just magical because there's no pollution and everything is loaded with nature. I like it for Kayaking, just make sure you understand what's going on with the wind. There's a really good website called windfinder.com which is what we use on our smart phones to understand where and when the winds are going to go.

It is nice to start and head upwind so therefore you know darn good and well you can make it back. There are all kinds of mangroves to cruise through around this area and it's a good idea to bring your fishing pole to try to catch something out of your kayak. We highly recommend the spot, it is lovely.
Harley D.

Big Coppitt Ramp

7 Geiger Road
Big Coppitt Key FL 33040
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