Key West is all about Key Lime Pie

Key West is all about Key Lime Pie

Just about every part of town has some sort of Key Lime Pie reference or sign. But the king of the pies is all over town delivering the savored goods! Kermit's has the very best pies and the coolest shop. That is a must do place in Key West and he is typically there running the show and baking his yummy key lime recipe creations.
Dale J.

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Pick up a Slice with Coffee

Yes, we see that car a lot around town. I believe it is used for delivering the pies and sauces to places all over town. Definitely, the shop is awesome and a class place to shop and taste in Key West.

Isaiah S.

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Fantastic pie and the jelly beans too. Plus I have my stuff for that fancy dessert winner. They give you the winning ingredients. What about a key lime looking checkers board?

Jefferey N.

Key Lime Car

200 Elizabeth Street
Key West FL 33040

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