Key West Attraction Sightseeing

Key West Attraction Sightseeing

There are so many neat things to do on the islands. After you spend a week or two down in the City of Key West, it all starts to sink in about the once mighty Shipwreck industry. Pulling up and salvaging the cargo made lots of people rich and provided plenty of employment opportunities for the people on the island. You get to touch a bar of gold as part of the tour into the Mel Fisher museum. This is a real star of an attraction since it is all fact based and documented with so many shipwreck artifacts.
Reid V.

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Shipwreck Museum

I can't say enough good things about this wonderful museum. This is the kind of thing that is good for all ages. Adults will really get into this big time. The key element that makes it so entertaining are the artifacts. You get to actually see a lot of the things that were pulled up from underneath the sea off the Shipwrecks. This historical work and exhibits are one of the things that really makes this island come alive. There's a lot of good things to do each day involving the history of ship wrecking. To me it is completely fascinating. This museum is open seven days a week and they give you a sticker so you can reenter all day. Mel Fisher was a true genius and thank goodness that he didn't do his diving into glory!

Angelo N.

Mel Fisher's Museum

200 Greene Street
Key West FL 33040
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