Oceanside Sightseeing Pier Key West

Oceanside Sightseeing Pier Key West

Such a special part of town with the long pier, which provides really good views down the coastline. Scenic nature and plenty of fish in the water if you decide to bring your snorkel mask. You are on the Marine Park, where Snorkeling right off the beach is excellent along the old wood structures. We also love the patio style Beach Bar here, Salute!
Ila J.

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Clean Beaches are so Nice

This entire end of the island is a designated historic Marine Park, and kept up to high standard. We pick up the trash and keep it all tidy, all local volunteers. The city takes care of the seagrass that lands on the beach, very early in the morning. They use special trucks and rack-dispose of the natural forming seagrass.

Elsie I.

Sightseeing at the Beach Pier and More

There are lots of neat Things to See. We would recommend going to the Ernest Hemingway House - Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden - Shipwreck Historeum Museum - West Martello Tower - Western Union Schooner - Robert Frost Cottage - and you have to have a drink at the Pan American World Airways...Kelly's Bar.

Josef B.

Higgs Oceanside Pier

1000 Atlantic Avenue
Key West FL 33040

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